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[CONFERENCE] The EU Overseas Countries and Territories: Valuing a global asset and developing regional hubs

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03 Dec 2013
3 December 2013

The EU Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) are islands located in the Atlantic, Antarctic, Arctic, Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Pacific regions. The OCTs are associated with the EU through the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. The rules and principles of this association are laid down periodically in the Overseas Association Decision (OAD). For the period 2014-2020 the new OAD is providing a fresh scope for the partnership between the EU and its OCT’s with focus on their added value as global assets to the EU and their potential as regional hubs.

The EU’s 34 Overseas Territories linked to 6 EU Member States, of which 26 OCTs linked to 4 EU Member States, are home to a unique diversity of species and ecosystems of global significance, increasingly vulnerable to human and climate change impacts, yet highly valuable assets for the EU. The OCTs have the potential to become centres of excellence and regional leaders at their scale as they hold precious knowledge on biodiversity conservation and climate change adaptation measures, and capacity for research and innovation in renewable energy technologies, among other sectors.

The aim of this conference at the European Parliament will be to raise awareness on the OCT’s, highlighting the opportunities offered by these territories to the EU. Government leaders from Aruba, the British Virgin Islands, Greenland and New Caledonia will present their views, priorities and strategies for the next period of the OAD in a high profile exchange with the European Parliament and Commission.


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Venue: European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium