Bringing the Ocean to Society
29 Nov 2016
CPMR Study - The territorial dimension of Cohesion policy financial instruments
EurOcean's Cooperating member CPMR has launched a study on the territorial dimension of Cohesion policy financial instruments.

The study involved 36 CPMR (conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions) member regions from 15 different Member States and explores two main questions: is there a territorial dimension of financial instruments and are financial instruments the most appropriate instruments to achieve Cohesion policy objectives?

The European Commission's assumptions regarding the benefits of financial instruments were confirmed in several regions, although Cohesion policy should not be based only on these instruments. The study showed there is a correlation between the perception regions have of these instruments and their level of development. There are still improvements to be made as regards their implementation.

The conclusions of the study will pave the way for further action from the CPMR to develop specific proposals for post-2020 Cohesion policy.

Please access the paper in FR and EN.