Bringing the Ocean to Society
Communication & Outreach
How much do you know about the ocean? Did you know that it produces at least 50% of the oxygen we breathe through marine phytoplankton? Or that it is key to limiting global warming as it absorbs one third of the CO2 produced by human beings? Knowing about and being aware of how important the ocean is to life on Earth and our own well-being and survival is called being Ocean Literate.

For its 10th Anniversary EurOcean organized a high-level international event in scope of the celebration of its 10th Anniversary. This high-level Event, entitled "How to Communicate Marine Sciences and Technology? Bridging European Marine Information" took place at the Lisbon Oceanarium, in Lisbon, Portugal on November 6th, 2012.

The Event had the participation of high-level speakers on Ocean and Science affairs and was open to invited participants including Heads of major European Research Organisations and other key European policy and science organisations of the Marine and Maritime sector.